Child care and pedagogical – educational work are carried out with the children being separated in five groups:

  • creshe junior
  • creshe senior
  • two junior mixed-age groups
  • senior mixed-age group

According to the children’s needs and potentials, Montessori pedagogy is implemented in our work from the youngest age so that the children could start gaining the knowledge they need in every aspect of life. See more.

 We are trying to keep the balance of individual work, team work, free time activities. So, in our kindergarten, in a day, depending on the group, the following activities take turns:

  • breakfast
  • јутарњи круг ( оријентација у времену, разговор деце и васпитача на различите теме)
  • индивидуални рад са Монтесори материјалима
  • morning circle (date and time definitions, conversation time on various topics)
  • fruit snack
  • work on a group project / an experiment / a song / a story
  • English language class
  • lunch
  • bed time / leading activities for those who don’t sleep
  • snack
  • free time activities till the time comes to go home