Montessori materials are divided into five categories, with the aim to enable a child to solve a problem independently by attempts and control of error:

  1. Practical– e.g. objects to set the table, to clean, to water plants etc. The exercises with this material develop hygiene habits, the right way to use utensils; they develop care of others as well as independency, responsible use of freedom and self – confidence.
  2. Sensorial – material to motivate so-called “absorbing mind” which adopts every single thing taken from the environment through the senses.
  3. Language – with the aim to encourage speech and to enlarge vocabulary. What is practiced as well is precision, fine motor skills, voluntary movement control and many other abilities related to speech.
  4. Mathematics – child is motivated to take abstract terms in a concrete way in order to be capable of dealing with more complicated mathematic operations in the future.
  5. Science – based on natural sciences to get the child well introduced to the world where he lives.