Every single corner in our rooms is adapted to children. The aim is to develop their independence as soon as possible, using objects from everyday life. The children practise with original Montessori materials, individually, with the teachers being slightly involved in order to encourage children’s inquisitive spirit. That is the way of learning that will be beneficial in their later education, resolving more abstract problems.

Experienced teachers, nurses, pedagogists and other expert associates are in charge of your child. Directly or by e-mail, by written reports and videos we are in touch with the parents. We support child’s curiosity and independency by organising excursions, presenting jobs and occupations, theatre shows; by welcoming artists and visiting institutions of importance.

Montessori material work starts with presentation, then it becomes the experience to all senses going through many phases. In the end, the child is capable of presenting the material by himself. Apart from the work with the abovementioned, the children work on projects, through the phases again, in order to use the knowledge they have acquired through games.

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